Photos: Early summer adventures in Alaska, for Alaskans

The Kennecott Mine camp has been abandoned since the 1950s. It can only be accessed by hiking into Wrangell-St. Elias National Park from McCarthy.
Matt Keller photo
Mountains with fresh snow along the Denali Park Road. September 14, 2012
Courtesy Brian Weeks
A racer passes under the Alaska Railroad bridge along the Talkeetna river, during the inagural Trio Fat Bike Race. The 20 mile course was designed to begin hard and finish on the easier terrain of the river. Feb 9, 2013
Edward Kessler photo
An aerial view of Homer, Alaska
Scott McMurren photo
Homer's eagle population remains high, with an estimated count of 139 birds during the 2012 Christmas bird count, down from nearly 500 in previous years, when Jean Keene was feeding the birds. That project was discontinued at the time of her death in 2009.
Courtesy Rosanne Klouda
Kayaking through the channel between Resurrection Bay and Bear Glacier Lake offers a leisurely entrance to the epic blue ice.
Eric Adams photo
Steller sea lions, spotted on a Major Marine Tours wildlife cruise, lounge on the rocky shores of Resurrection Bay, near Seward.
Scott McMurren photo
The massive terminus of Bear Glacier comes into view after kayaking across the lake. Hiking on the glacier is exciting and offers indescribable views of Alaska's beauty.
Eric Adams photo
Icebergs floating in Bear Glacier Lake give off an eery, luminous neon blue. One can easily kayak up to this iceberg, which is massive enough to be considered stable.
Eric Adams photo
"Beautiful downtown Talkeetna," is really just one short road lined with shops, restaurants, and a couple of hotels.
Ben Anderson photo
Craig Medred

The sun is shining deep into the night across most of Alaska while farther south, ships and planes have begun filling up with visitors curious to see the land of the midnight sun. "Dress in layers" are the three magic words for early-season travelers this year; snow is still falling in many places around Alaska. Whether you're headed north of Anchorage, south toward Seward or east toward McCarthy, there are some great travel deals.

Among the great "staycations" Alaskans can explore: Kennicott glacier, Resurrection Bay glacier cruises, Alaska Railroad sight-seeing, and more.

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