Alaska News

A letter to readers from the new publishers of Alaska Dispatch News

To our readers,

A month ago we committed to loan the ADN up to $1 million for it to continue producing the high-quality journalistic product that the people of Anchorage and Alaska expect. We also hoped that we would be able to purchase the assets of the ADN out of bankruptcy and become the new owners. On Monday a federal bankruptcy court approved the sale effectively transferring ownership.

As the new owners we've taken on an obligation to the employees, advertisers and readers that we don't take lightly. The sale paves the way for a new era at the ADN as we chart our own course.

The ADN is not going away. As owners we vow to do whatever it takes to set Alaska's paper of record onto a strong foundation that will last for generations. There has been much talk in the last month about the liabilities of the ADN, but not much talk about its greatest asset: the trust and faith of this community.

To our readers we say thank you. Thanks for sticking with us during this uncertain time, thanks for your encouragement and support over the last month, and thanks for your continued support of this vital community institution going forward.

If this last month has taught us anything, it's how much this newspaper means to the people of Anchorage and Alaska and we promise that with your support it will continue to live up to the standards of professionalism and excellence that you deserve.

Ryan Binkley and Jason Evans are co-publishers of Alaska Dispatch News.