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Letter: Pebble spin

As Mark Hamilton makes the rounds promoting the Pebble Mine, the question becomes: When will Pebble start telling Alaskans the truth?

Letter: A shutdown solution

The Democrats should agree to President Donald Trump’s $5 billion wall in exchange — on three conditions.

Letter: Losing Les Gara

I, for one, want a state government with a human face, a state government with the good of all of its citizens at its core.

Letter: Get to work, legislators

Legislators, it’s simple — get off of the “dime” and get to work and actually try to earn your pay instead of vacillating over basic organization concepts.

Letter: Shutdown must end now

I am angry. I am frustrated. I am sad. The behavior of our congressmen and congresswomen is unacceptable. I cannot stress to you enough how this is affecting our family.

Letter: No more school cuts

What’s next? We need to get back to the traditional splits in oil revenues and start paying some state taxes before we slip into the tundra.

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