Officers saw signs of impairment when they contacted Gray, who remained at the scene after the collision, according to Anchorage police.

Robin Pelkey was 19 and living on the streets of Anchorage when she was killed by Robert Hansen in the early 1980s, the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s cold case unit said Friday.

Andersen was also a former co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives.

Campbell — also the vice chair of the Alaska Republican Party — is returning to Alaska Aerospace, according to the mayor’s office.

Begich, 44, is seeking to defeat the longest active Republican in Congress.

The state departments of Corrections and Public Safety say there isn’t a targeted recruitment effort, but fired officers are welcome to apply.

“When I saw him, it scared me so bad,” she said. “It took my breath away. He literally looked like he was dying.”

Teachers and the union support the move to solve the teacher retention problem in Alaska. But they say the No. 1 reason they’re leaving is pretty obvious.

Facebook has never publicly disclosed what it knows about how its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, helped fuel that day’s mayhem.

COVID-19 is stressing a system that was already struggling. Nearly a fifth of the state’s licensed child care facilities have closed since March 2020, according to its Childcare Program Office.

The man was treated for puncture wounds and a laceration at the Healy Medical Clinic, according to troopers.

Where civilization emerged between the Tigris and Euphrates in what’s now Iraq, climate change is poisoning the land and emptying the villages

The Alaska Public Offices Commission will consider the fine in January.

Gardening: Once you have lights, indoor growing has the benefits of consistent and controllable conditions, fewer insects and no moose.

“Failure to enforce would in fact be grounds for recall,” said Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant.

The Republican said he joined the Oath Keepers, labeled a paramilitary organization by the FBI, when it was formed in 2009.

A membership roster for the group, whose followers have been charged in the Capitol riot, includes state lawmakers, congressional candidates and local government and GOP officials.

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