The commission is also planning to boost lawmakers’ pay as well as propose increases to the governor’s pay and the pay of agency commissioners.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the highest death rates have occurred among men, people with underlying health conditions and older Alaskans, according to a report from the state health department.

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SPONSORED: To understand the Tribal health care system’s response to COVID, look to the devastating history of pandemics in Alaska Native communities.

Less snow and slightly higher temperatures are predicted for Anchorage, Palmer and Wasilla.

Indigenous artists showcased their work after the event was canceled last season.

Capstone Clinic, a Mat-Su medical provider with a statewide presence, is the city’s new test provider after municipal officials opted to privatize.

Some legislators are awaiting the results of lawsuits before deciding their plans, but a narrowly split Legislature means even small changes may be decisive.

The ordinance included a stipulation that it would end before the 60-day mark if two of Anchorage’s three hospitals had stopped operating under crisis standards for 14 consecutive days.


Relationship advice: At this point, I’d fly three hours to go on a date with someone interesting who hasn’t already virtually hit on one or all of my friends.

“I asked her where she was from, and we just started talking,” said Mike Moffitt, explaining how he and Gladys Hankerson became friends.

The email, sent by a fire department employee in charge of the audio and video equipment for Assembly meetings, also describes the fire chief intervening and instructing him to leave the feed running.

The closure could last until Dec. 20.

From the day of his first positive test until his hospitalization last year, the former president came in contact with more than 500 people in proximity to him or at crowded events, according to a Washington Post analysis.

The body of Luki Akelkok III of Dillingham was recovered Saturday after searchers found the vessel nearby. Anchorage resident Stefan Weingarth, who was also on the boat, was found dead Wednesday.

The new ship will cost between $200 million and $250 million, paid for using federal transportation money.

Alaska-based oil and gas analysts noted the administration did not go out of its way to target Arctic leasing and development as some expected, which could be viewed as a victory of sorts for the industry in the state.

woman who lodged a sexual harassment allegation against former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was “disgusted” by what she saw as his hypocrisy and attempts to discredit women who made similar allegations against his brother, her lawyer said Sunday.

As the Supreme Court court weighs the future of the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, a resurgent anti-abortion movement is looking to press its advantage in state-by-state battles while abortion-rights supporters prepare to play defense.

The dumping caused more than $80,000 in damage at the Granite Creek recreation area off the Seward Highway south of Anchorage, the indictment says.

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