State legislatures will be in the spotlight as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling giving the power to regulate abortion to the states.

The data privacy risks associated with abortion aren’t hypothetical. Cases around the world show how a digital trail can become evidence.

Climate change is altering the summer months - turning a time of joy into stretches of extreme heat, dangerously polluted air, anxiety, and lost traditions.

Golden Valley Electric Association voted this week to develop a plan to close one of its two coal plants in Healy.

Anchorage writer Nathan Shafer delivers stories that both tread on traditions from familiar mythology and subvert literary norms.

Rivers and streams become “salmon tea” when carcasses of salmon enrich the waters.

Acclimatization, the angle of the sun at high latitudes and other factors make summer heat more intense in Alaska.

Observers say this term should be seen as much as the beginning of an era at the court as the culmination of years of work to solidify a conservative majority.

Advocates say need is reaching earlier pandemic highs as prices soar.

Drag Lotería is their biggest event and features bingo, mocktails and drag artists.

Administration officials said fewer lease sales — or even no lease sales at all — could occur, with a final decision not due for months.

Columnist John Schandelmeier writes about the transition from the early days of fishing with traps and primitive nets to the modern machinery used to fish in Alaska’s premier sockeye salmon fishery.

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