A day after the Legislature wrapped up its session, the governor said he would not immediately call a special session to increase the dividend.

Lawmakers’ failure to act means that unlimited sums can continue flowing to gubernatorial, legislative and municipal candidates. But one legislator is already discussing a citizens initiative to change that.

The lawsuit is part of a nationwide strategy to use class-action lawsuits to force reforms of child welfare systems.

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Aging infrastructure, climate change and global conflict are going to keep fuel prices in more parts of rural Alaska unmanageably high, and potentially worse.

The river’s king and chum salmon stocks have collapsed.

Passersby reported flames pouring out of a duplex on Thursday afternoon, fire officials say. Fire extended to the next unit before being extinguished.

The switch next month won’t change troop levels but will add resources to Army units stationed in Alaska as part of a broader shift in Arctic strategy.

The state on Wednesday reported an 11% case increase over last week, and 18 more deaths.

“Recession risks are high - uncomfortably high - and rising,” one leading economist says.


This spring has been unseasonably cool and the soil has not warmed up enough. Remember to store water outdoors because faucets can give a cold burst to your plants.

Newly filed financial disclosures reveal huge wealth disparities that are shaping the special election between 48 candidates for the state’s House seat.

The school’s contest entry placed in the top five, and the award from Vans will be a much-needed infusion of cash for the art department.

Sawyer Cipolla’s disappearance prompted a massive search effort and outpouring of support. Troopers say exposure to the elements caused his death.

Aaron Mitchell Hague was charged with first-degree murder in the killing of his former roommate, who vanished from the home they rented in North Pole in mid-August 2020.

There’s no clear timeline for completion of the estimated $200 million project, but demolition is expected to begin this summer.

The GOP is coming out swinging against Wall Street’s growing efforts to consider factors like environmental risk in investment decisions.

“Consider getting tested as close to the time of departure as possible (no more than 3 days) before your trip” when heading to any destination, the CDC said.

Applications for state disaster assistance have opened for residents of Manley Hot Springs, McGrath, Glennallen, Sleetmute and Red Devil.

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