Alaska also reported a record 217 COVID-19 hospitalizations on Friday.

The mayor and members of his administration attended an hours-long, invitation-only meeting in the Assembly chambers last Saturday to listen to health care workers opposed to vaccine requirements.

Mattthew Trunsky said health care workers are “tired as a whole,” adding, “I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t see someone pass away.”

The pandemic brought instability that was hard to manage for many service industry workers. Some took it as an opportunity to reassess their chosen career.

The department is asking for tips from the public about an aggressive group of otters imperiling people and pets.

Rep. David Eastman has previously compared COVID-19 vaccinations to Nazi medical experiments.

Shanette Harper and her brother texted through what seemed like a manageable case of COVID-19. Until the day he collapsed.

Also, if you’re looking to adopt a pet before winter sets in, this weekend could be your golden opportunity.

Book review: Fitz’s writing is as delicately balanced as the ecosystem he details, turning this into one of the finest Alaskan wildlife books I have yet encountered.

In the fall, trees and plants respond to fewer hours of sunlight by changing color before falling to the ground.

Review came up with a vote tally that would not have altered the outcome, finding that Biden won by 360 more votes than the official results certified last year.

John Daniel Brooks, 51, had adopted four foster children earlier this week, according to charging documents filed in court.

The decision, seen as a last resort, gives hospitals the ability to ration care if they have more patients than can be managed with available beds, equipment and staff.

Many of the communities that avoided the first and second waves of the virus are now seeing spikes in cases and major obstacles to curbing virus spread.

Many experts think health officials should emphasize wearing surgical masks against COVID, but some say cloth masks can offer enough protection in certain circumstances.

Local doctors who specialize in women’s reproductive health also discuss vaccinations for their patients.

Alaska has a growing share of the country’s deadly crashes from small commercial flights. Here’s what experts say could be done to improve aviation safety in the state.

Seven steps you can take to keep Facebook and Instagram from gathering information about what you do outside of their apps.

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