Project officials say Holtan Hills will bring needed development to a community facing an acute housing crisis, but their proposal, as written, faces opposition from many Girdwood residents.

Some legendary careers are winding down. Other mushers are taking a break. All are grappling with higher costs in an already-expensive sport.

Former president Donald Trump suggested that the country abandon one of its founding documents, drawing sharp criticism from the White House and politicians.

Many people on the Big Island of Hawaii are bracing for major upheaval if lava from Mauna Loa volcano slides across a key highway and blocks the quickest route connecting two sides of the island.

The money will eventually give the school the ability to accept around 85 students a year — more than twice its current class size.

Tubas, sousaphones, euphoniums, baritones, and a bass flugelhorn, filled the lobby of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Saturday for the annual holiday concert.

Alaska is poised to sue if a final action is taken, the governor’s office said.

More than 1,000 domestic poultry and hundreds of wild birds have died or been euthanized since early spring.

The festival runs from Dec. 2-11 with three programs of “Made in Alaska” short films and a pair of feature films.

The book is both a beautifully produced collection of Edward S. Curtis’ photographs and a travelogue.


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In 2018, Amana Mbise arrived in Anchorage to teach in the UAA social work department. Now he’s showing off his home country to friends and acquaintances in Alaska.

Twitter’s new CEO released the “Twitter Files” on the platform Friday. Musk and his allies have claimed conservative speech is suppressed online.

The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday warned that domestic terrorists were maintaining “a visible presence online in attempts to motivate supporters to conduct attacks.”

A surge of anti-Jewish vitriol, spread by a world-famous rapper, an NBA star and other prominent people, is stoking fears that public figures are normalizing hate and ramping up the risk of violence in a country already experiencing a sharp increase in antisemitism.

Both Republicans said they weighed the significant economic cost of a strike with concerns about congressional intervention.

Sixteen major airports are testing facial recognition tech to verify IDs - and it could go nationwide in 2023.

The event consists of a canoe voyage in which nine Rapanuis, two Chileans and one Hawaiian seek to raise awareness about the importance of women in the world, urge protection of the environment, and celebrate the union of the islands of Polynesia.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the absence of cable markings is part of its investigation into the crash that killed Joshua Seagrave of Palmer.

Alaskans who lost property or incurred costs from the fall storm have until Dec. 6 to file a claim with the state.

The sensational senior outside hitter is the first player in program history receive this honor.

In an unprecedented move, he endorsed a raft of school board candidates. They are beginning to make their marks.

A suspect police described only as a “male juvenile” was in custody at McLaughlin Youth Center as of Wednesday evening.

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