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When’s the last time a stranger did something kind for you?

  • Author: Julia O'Malley
  • Updated: November 14, 2017
  • Published November 14, 2017

For the next week or so reporter Julia O'Malley is collecting thank you notes (and pictures) from people who have been helped in ways large and small by strangers. Here's one that came in yesterday:

Thank you to the wonderful customer in Fred Meyer on Abbott. You asked my daughter at the cheese kiosk about the olives and let her know you had just finished chemo. My daughter had just found out that her dad's cancer was a bad one and chemo/radiation is the next step. She cried and you comforted her. And prayed with her. You are a wonderful person and this mom is so grateful for strangers like YOU.

Maybe some one pulled your car out of a ditch or treated you in an ER or just gave you perspective on a day that you needed some. Say thanks using the link below. (We'll publish them all close to Thanksgiving.)

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