Author of Alaska 'Hoops' tales wins international award for e-book

"Drunk on Peace and Quiet," a Kindle fiction e-book by Becky Hatcher Crabtree, has received an honorable mention in the Erik Hoffer Awards. The award honors the memory of American philosopher Eric Hoffer, "highlighting salient writing as well as the independent spirit of small publishers."

It's one of the largest international awards given to small, academic and independent press literature. Crabtree's book about family troubles in a sleepy West Virginia town is published by Fathom Publishing Company.

Crabtree worked at Hopson Middle School in Barrow and at Meade River School in Atgasuk. She was either a teacher, principal or basketball coach on the North Slope for 17 years. The basketball experience inspired her short story collection, "Alaska Hoops: Tales from the Girls' Locker Room."

"Drunk on Peace and Quiet" is available in print and e-book formats on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.