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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, February 14, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 13
  • Published February 13

Beating our chests isn't going to make America great again
The president has done it again with his trumpeting for a military parade, presumably as an idea to "Make America Great Again" or, at least, an attempt to "make America believe" he has already accomplished the promised feat. No offense, but I think Teddy Roosevelt was more accurate and had a better idea with his "Speak softly and carry a big stick" statement. Huffing and puffing and bluster isn't what made America great to begin with. And in any case, in our new world of internet and drone warfare, should we expected to see rows of computer desks being wheeled down Main Street and skies full of buggy flying plastic while in Moscow and Peking computer geeks march in lockstep? Seems like an unnecessary waste of resources, this military parade.
— Ken Green
Cooper Landing

Feds shouldn't penalize success
The stock market reminds me of myself. One day I'm up and the next day I'm down because of my mood swings! Does this mean anything drastic has happened ? No. You know a person can't be happy 24 hours a day. The stock market seems to be controlled by a certain group of people that play with our minds. For example, Coca Cola went down today, but I don't think we saw a downturn of people not "popping a top!"
It's all speculation from unsubstantiated fear or more likely manipulation.
And why would the Fed raise the interest rates just because people are finally starting to earn money and more people are getting jobs? I don't see a disaster happening because of the ability to afford to purchase a house. But, oh no, we can't have everyday, hard-working families finally able to live this dream without penalizing them with an increased interest rate! The saying "Nothing will come of nothing" has never rung truer.
— Rolf L Bilet

Proposition 1 is a 'solution' to a non-existent problem
I am deeply offended by the commentary from Rev. Parker in favor of Proposition 1. Civil rights by definition are not just a racial issue. They apply to any person or group whose rights are being denied. Proposition 1 is discrimination of the most insidious kind. It labels a whole group of individuals, transgender people, as sinful and dangerous to others. Thankfully, the Christ I pray to urges a more loving and accepting view toward those who are different from you.
There is absolutely no evidence that people are at risk from trans individuals using the restroom of the identity they associate with. This proposition is a "solution" to a nonexistent problem. It would legalize bigotry and bullying by a small prejudiced group against individuals who pose no threat to anyone.
From the comments section to both commentaries (for and against) it is clear that bigotry is alive and active in Anchorage. To the gentlemen responders who state that all they are doing is trying to protect women, I say that I do not need this protection. I hope and pray that Alaskans as a whole are better than this. Please vote no on Prop. 1. With the new mail-in ballot you don't even need to go to the poll to vote.
— Jamelia Saied

Proposition 1 protects children
In regards to Proposition 1, all laws discriminate against someone. The laws setting speed limits on public roads discriminate against the lead-footed. Laws against kiddie porn discriminate against pedophiles. Laws are intended for society's greater good (reduce road carnage, deter harm to children) and accept the lesser negative impacts (reduced driving pleasure, restrictions on someone's sexual pleasure).
Proposition 1 seems to be designed to protect females from real trauma. Men can not go into a women's restroom with their minor daughters or granddaughters, nor can they take them into the men's room. Many more men are taking their daughters and granddaughters shopping than there are transgenders. The inconvenience of the transgender who can't go into a restroom incompatible with their genetic (XX or XY) makeup and external genitalia is inconsequential compared to the harm a 6-year-old girl would experience if she was in a women's restroom and encountered a hairy old man unzipping his pants in front of her.
Laws and policies that allow biological males access to women's restrooms are also enabling pedophiles and sex traffickers access to potential victims. Transgender inconvenience should not outweigh the greater good of protecting the children.
Vote yes on Prop. 1 — for the children.
— Marvin Dean Cox
Eagle River

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