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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kavanaugh lacks good temperament

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 11, 2018
  • Published October 11, 2018

I am not part of a left-wing smear campaign seeking to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh's reputation. I am an emergency physician and have had a prior lawsuit accusing me of malpractice. If I had faced my accuser with defensive evasion, crying out that the patient was destroying me and the country's health care system, I would score few points in court and likely be unwelcome in my practice. I instead responded to the accuser with compassion, accepted my responsibility for my actions and disagreed respectfully on the case.

Judge Kavanaugh's recent hearing displayed more a man concerned with his own reputation and self defense than an even-tempered, considerate and thoughtful jurist. His outcry that this was a left-wing revenge of the Clintons displays as little insight as if I had accused the patient suing me of destroying my career with her misfortune. A lifetime Supreme Court appointment requires an even-tempered jurist who can perform well under scrutiny and who can remain receptive to all Americans, regardless of political perspective. Brett Kavanaugh, though academically exceptionally qualified, lacks the essential qualities of temperance and thoughtfulness required of a lifetime Supreme Court judge.
— Dr. Tim Silbaugh

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