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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump’s logic

  • Author: Anne Terry
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 11
  • Published January 11

So it turns out that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol statistics show that our supposed 4,000-terrorist national emergency down at the southern border actually consisted of a total of six suspicious immigrants stopped due to their names being in the terrorism database.

I’m no security expert, but doesn’t that mean that the remaining 3,700-plus possible terrorists stopped at airports during that same time period are now left with less oversight due to the government shutdown, and potentially having a much easier time getting into the country? President Donald Trump took away TSA funding that stops more than 600 per month, while fully funding the Border Patrol, so that we can be super vigilant about that one per month that comes through Mexico. Wow, Mr. President, way to keep us “safe.”

— Anne Terry


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