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Letters to the Editor

Letter: A person’s rights

  • Author: Jay Cross
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 24
  • Published June 24

Fr. Ronald Meyer has an interesting perspective on the role of Planned Parenthood, comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan and the eugenics movement. Perhaps he should not cast so many stones, as his own Bible says. The glass house he lives in is arguably a criminal enterprise.

As we look at the history the Catholic church has had of genocide, persecution and out-and-out perversion, perhaps he should stand up and recite the names of the priests that have preyed on children and others through the ages. It has only been in the last little while that some of them have been held to account. Why should his religion dictate what someone can do with their own body?

More people are quitting religion every day. I wonder why?

— Jay Cross

Big Lake

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