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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bring back the Saturday paper

  • Author: Bill Brokaw
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 6
  • Published July 6

This 84-year-old, 61-year resident of Anchorage is wondering how long before the ADN will resume publishing the Saturday morning paper. Before retirement, I cherished the time I had on Saturday morning to read about the previous day’s happenings. During the week, because of job obligations, my morning reading time was especially limited, and after work I was just too tired. Saturday morning was a much-awaited time to enjoy an unhurried breakfast, and leisurely time for reading the newspaper. Can’t remember the year, but I know I was extremely disappointed when the decision was made to discontinue the Saturday paper. I’m sure other readers felt the same way.

My wife’s Alzheimer’s has caused her and I to move from our Hillside home to the Pioneer Home located in Palmer. I now have lots of time for newspaper reading seven days a week. During the two years we’ve resided here, I’ve noticed that there’s about approximately 10 residents subscribing to the Daily News. These folks, once done reading the paper, share it with other residents. Not all folks can afford the monthly subscription cost.

Now that the ugly virus is part of our lives, the Home does not allow visitors. It’s really difficult for residents, especially the older ones, not to see their loved ones. The average age of our 79 residents is 87, with 14 of these suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. I moved into this wonderful facility to with my wife as she experiences Alzheimer’s. I’m extremely fortunate to have cable TV, computer and printer, and a subscription to the Anchorage Daily News. Many at the home cannot afford these luxuries.

There are three group-watching television rooms located throughout this facility. All have very large, wall-mounted television sets. At one time, the cost of cable television for these sets was donated by MTA, but hard times have caused this to be discontinued. Unless a donor steps forward, no cable TV will be available for residents to enjoy.

So Saturdays, without visitors, no cable TV, few computers available and no ADN to read, life is extremely boring for many of these forgotten folks. Hope for a change to make life much better for us old Pioneers.

— Bill Brokaw


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