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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Reinbold is a bad example

  • Author: Kathi Voettman
    | Opinion
  • Updated: November 22
  • Published November 22

After reading the article in the paper about Sen. Lora Reinbold regarding masks on an Alaska Airlines flight, I feel I must comment. I am an Eagle River resident and feel the need to apologize for this woman who represents me and our community. This is not who Eagle River is, by my standards.

I feel a state senator should be setting an example, and for her to suggest people sneak past the testing at the airport is embarrassing to me. Wearing a mask is a protection possibly for one’s self, but also for the people around you. If I ran this zoo, I would immediately remove Sen. Reinbold from office for endangerment to others.

— Kathi Voetmann

Eagle River

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