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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Racism and ballot counting

  • Author: Phillip LaBay Mikes
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 1 day ago
  • Published 1 day ago

Racism in America? Try the 5-55-5 acknowledgement. If the perpetrator of a mass shooting is Black, they’ll be identified within the first five minutes, if of another minority, within 55 minutes; however, if white, it can take up to five hours before they’re identified.

Regarding the re-re-recounting of the 2020 election ballots in Arizona, the justice who permitted this mockery to proceed should resign. There can only be one outcome, which is for Cyber Ninja’s management to say “Too much time has elapsed and too many hands have handled the ballots to use our proven technique.” The whole endeavor was a scheme to solicit donations from the gullible; it doesn’t take much these days to fool the foolish. It’s inconceivable for Cyber Ninja to claim they uncovered fraud, inconceivable.

— Phillip LaBay Mikes


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