Letters to the Editor

Letter: Campground outrage

The situation at the Centennial Park homeless encampment is a humanitarian crisis. The Bronson administration closed a safe mass shelter and bused vulnerable and homeless people from all over town to a remote campground at the edge of Anchorage to fend for themselves. No provisions were in place for safety or medical care. No provisions for food or basic sanitation or basic local transportation needs. There were children there, at least until they were rescued by caring nonprofits —  kids likely cold and wet from recent rains, hungry and probably scared. Does Dave Bronson even care?

This is Anchorage in 2022. We don’t treat people this way!Fortunately, the nonprofits are jumping in to help as much as they can. Bronson is a heartless and cruel despot. He is a disgrace to the good community of Anchorage and needs to be booted from office.

— William M. Cox


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