Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sullivan swings and misses

After voting “nay” on HR 4346, the Chips and Science Act, on July 27, Sen. Dan Sullivan hasn’t publicly stated why he didn’t vote for this much-needed infrastructure bill, to increase America’s capacity to build more computer chips for almost everything in today’s technology-driven world, especially military hardware. Unfortunately, Sen Sullivan has swung and missed again.

Instead, your senator put out a different mixed message on July 28: “Even more concerning now are the Democrat lawmakers who want to impose even greater burdens on the American people with new taxes and more reckless spending for their socialist wish list — all at the worst possible time.”

Since his poorly-thought-out message didn’t elaborate, he must be talking about the reconciliation bill where Democrats are proposing to raise an expected $313 billion over 10 years, by applying a minimum 15% tax on about 200 large corporations that would still be able to claim net operating losses and tax credits against the tax. As well, the bill would close the carried interest loophole that currently allows private equity and hedge funds to pay lower capital gains tax rates on much of their income, instead of the higher income tax rate paid by wage earners.

It’s really no surprise that Dan Sullivan continues to vote for his own R.P.M. interests.

— Mark Hayden


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