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Letter: Anchorage’s homeless problem

Daily News reporter Emily Goodykoontz’s revelation of Anchorage’s depth of side effects related to homelessness (ADN, Nov. 20) is 50% of the story. The other 50% is the people who are homeless.

Solutions to both lie with Mayor Dave Bronson and the Assembly. Bronson continues to play games (hiding, lying, delaying) while exhausting the Assembly’ssolutions.

Possible improvements: 1. Budget all discretionary budget items to homeless solutions — prevention, adequate beds, staffing, steps to regain independence, patrol, neighborhood protections.

2. Open the Golden Lion immediately. 3. Impeach Bronson for total failure to reach homeless solutions, as well as fraud and misuse of millions not approved for the Tudor Road fiasco.

4. COVID-19 infrastructure funds and all other discretionary funds could go to improving outcomes for all — the homeless, the staff and the neighborhoods.

5. Get the very profitable Native corporations to add in their funds, as Alaska Native people factor larger per capita than any other group of homeless.

6. Do not give funds to any sub-groups to use as they see fit. That’s another added fiasco and loss of time.


7. Homeless wanting the “next step” of independence can earn it by helping with neighborhood cleanups, and while continuing on subsidy, can do the same.

8. List all soup kitchens, shelters and free food sources’ addresses, names, hours and locations on a weekly basis so all can have a copy. Advertise same in all publications possible. Get drivers to stop handing out food and money, increasing the odds that homeless people will beg at street corners.

9. Increase hourly wages and incentives of staff working directly with homeless people.

10. Hold monthly meetings strictly for the public to offer solutions. Publicize suggestions that are implemented.

The buck stops with Bronson. He holds the funds, authority and obligation. Instead, he makes all aspects of homelessness worse.

— Linda Sharp


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Linda Sharp

Linda Sharp is an Associate Real Estate Broker in Alaska, and a Broker in Arizona. Sharp moved to Anchorage 40 years ago and has been involved in real estate in property development, sales of land, investment property and home sales, as well as an investor.