Letters to the Editor

Letter: Look who’s in charge

I see the latest statement on the state of the economy bemoaning the fact that for the past seven years, the state has been going downhill. Well, guess who has been in charge? Here are the five most recent governors: Frank Murkowski, Sarah Palin, Sean Parnell, Bill Walker, Mike Dunleavy. See who has been in charge?

Cut, cut, cut — that is the conservative mantra. Destroy the teachers’ retirement system. Defund the education system. This has actually been a long-term failure of the legislative bodies. Perhaps we could go back to the time that oil companies ruined the tax regime, with the help of two ConocoPhillips employees who were in the Legislature. But the system failure goes deeper than that. The “I’ve got mine; the heck with you” mentality that was brought up here from construction projects is embedded in our society now.

Alaskans used to cooperate to get things done. They had to, but it seems to be all about agendas and power now. The Mat-Su school board is more worried about policing lavatories than seeing kids get a good education. Education is about more than the three Rs. Critical thinking is more important than ever now. Our history is what it is and it should be taught, warts and all.

Alaska’s history is rich culturally. Do you see it reflected in the classrooms? If our children only see a future of flipping burgers, why should they stay? Think about this: How are you going to contribute to making this a better place, with opportunities for everybody?

— Jay Cross

Big Lake

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