Letters to the Editor

Letter: School funding

Since Gov. Mike Dunleavy took office in 2018, he hasn’t increased Alaska’s per-student funding. As a former educator, and as governor, Dunleavy should know Article VII, Section 1 of Alaska’s constitution, which states that Alaska must “maintain a system of public schools open to all children.” So should the Anchorage School District Board and its new superintendent, Jharett Bryantt. Yet ASD’s plan to close schools and programs in order to equalize the $68 million shortfall caused by Dunleavy’s actions seem contrary to the letter of the law.

As a person born in Alaska, educated in our public schools, who earned a master’s degree in education from our universities, and became a professional certified teacher only to quit due to burnout, it is unreasonable that the board isn’t providing options to ameliorate the budget other than canceling the future opportunities of our youth. One such option, if cuts must be made, should be cutting from the top down instead of down up. This means leaving the kids and teachers alone and reducing administrative roles and pay.

On an unrelated note, why doesn’t Anchorage plow the sidewalks on Fireweed Lane?

— Steven Bridwell


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