Letters to the Editor

Letter: Wake up, Anchorage

When will the citizens of the U.S. and the residents of the Municipality of Anchorage realize that experience in governance is not a bad thing? Our recent travails on both the national and local level show that inexperience certainly has its drawbacks.

In Anchorage, from the fiasco of the homeless “Bronsonville” to the huge berm “Bronsons” that line our streets, this administration has proved to be utterly incompetent and corrupt. Even his right-hand woman, Amy Demboski, whom he once declared “actually runs the city,” has cried foul.

Demboski’s accusations are quite disturbing and require investigation. Even more disturbing is the mayor’s total lack of response. It makes you wonder what more he has to hide.

So the next time a political novice and self-proclaimed “outsider” promises you everything under the sun, maybe take a hard look at his actual ability to accomplish any of it. You may find that the emperor has no clothes.

— Michael Henrich


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