Letters to the Editor

Letter: A few sentences on schools

Support the governor and his bill concerning protecting our children in schools. It is not the role of the teachers to teach gender studies/sexual identity. If you want your children to learn these things, teach them yourself. Our children need to learn S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math), reading, writing, honest history, about our government/country and maybe some everyday living skills — driver education, anyone?

The school board wants more money again. Why did we give the former superintendent a huge bonus who then left us with a deficit? From what I’ve heard, the replacement needed to be trained, and we are paying him how much? I’m sure that we have some very capable people within our district or state.

Common sense, fiscal restraint and not pushing a political agenda in our schools should be the rule. Parents should be raising their children and have the last word on what is taught to them and what they are exposed to in school.

— Cathy Guay


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