Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bad to worse

It was bad enough when Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor joined the effort to keep pharmacies from providing mifepristone, which is a safe medication legal in Alaska. Then, it was revealed that the state administration dropped some protections for LGBTQ+ rights. Now, Gov. Mike Dunleavy has proposed a bill that would limit sex education for school children and create unsafe conditions for LGBTQ+ students.

Is there no limit to the Dunleavy administration’s pandering to a small conservative base, even when it takes away basic rights that most Alaskans believe in? Our governor should be ashamed of himself.

Let him know he has overstepped the line by contacting the governor’s office at 907-465-3500 or https://aws.state.ak.us/CrmForms/Home/Feedback. Tell him to stop putting women’s and kids’ lives at risk.

— Cheryl Lovegreen


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