Letters to the Editor

Letter: What would Jesus do?

I was wondering about how the teachings of Jesus and God’s Ten Commandments affect today’s governments, or rather the actions of politicians who identify as Christians, yet challenge all others as to their level of Christian-ness.

I know my spiritual leaders and Traditional Chiefs follow the teachings of Jesus and God’s Ten Commandments; I see it in their words and actions, which benefit all in contact with them.

And I see the words and actions of politicians who follow the Doctrine of Discovery as decreed by greedy priests and European monarchs, to give blessing for the right of Christians to seize all holdings of non-Christians, some 14 centuries after Jesus was executed at the urging of greedy priests and moneymakers.

As the greedy popes and monarchs suffered all others under them, shaking down their people for any profit, or ways to add to their power, and killing any who did not, I see it happening today in our government, on behalf of the monied who slip bribe money to our Christian politicians.

I know Jesus kicked greedy priests and moneymakers out of the temples, and their souls went to hell, so I assume the souls of the greedy popes and European monarchs who decreed or took advantage of the Discovery Doctrine, went to hell also.

So where are the souls go of people today who are actively and passively allowing the Discovery Doctrine to rule their words and actions against others?

— Curtis Sommer



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