Letters to the Editor

Letter: A mammoth proposal

While we’re ruminating on the revival of the gas line, perhaps we should consider other anachronistic sources of revenue. One of our state’s hallowed founders said our economic future after oil is in tourism — do you think he meant long-trail hikers instead of hotel tourists, or maybe something a little more ... mammoth in proportion?

I propose state sponsorship of Colossal Biosciences’ mission to resurrect the woolly mammoth. Imagine: herds of Pleistocene pachyderms roaming the Last Frontier, attracting wildlife enthusiasts and hunters the world over, all while restoring the steppe grasslands (there’s a carbon credit in there somewhere).

Let’s stay grounded — keep the gas below it and the emissions out from above it, and take one small step for mammoth, one giant leap for Alaska.

— Cameron Kuhle


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