CANDIDATE Q&A: U.S. House — Sherry Strizak

The Daily News asked candidates for statewide office in the Aug. 16 Alaska primary and special U.S. House elections to answer a series of issue and biographical questions to help voters understand their positions. Some questions were suggested by readers. Read all the responses here.

Sherry Strizak • Party: Undeclared • Occupation: Former air traffic controller • Age: 50 • Residence: Chugiak •

Relevant experience or prior offices held

Federal employee: 10 yrs USAF, 21 yrs FAA

Why are you running for office?

To fight governmental corruption and tyranny.

Name two big problems or challenges currently facing Alaska and how you plan to address them if elected.

Inflation and oil industry decline. Every American is experiencing the negative effects of inflation. Alaska has the ability to ease fuel costs by allowing oil companies to bring oil to market and not have to endure numerous lawsuits.

Our federal government has abused its power by passing bills that made America grossly indebted to other nations. Government needs to stop passing bills that harm Americans financially. Government must reign in spending by not printing more money. Instead of passing more legislation, we need to review current laws (Patriot Act, ObamaCare, Jones Act, CARES Act, etc.) that may need to be repealed or revised.

There is no reason for the POTUS to ask other nations to produce more oil when our own nation can produce it. If the government had no green energy plan in place, then we have to make due with energy sources that are readily available. Besides, begging other nations for oil shows the ineptitude of our president.

Do you believe Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election? If you believe there was fraud, where and how do you think it took place?

No. “2000 Mules” is a documentary that shows the fraud that took place. Also, in 2016, when President Trump won, the Democrats claimed the election was stolen. Then, in 2020, Republicans claimed election fraud. Therefore, if both parties are crying foul, that is good justification to investigate the legitimacy of election integrity.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020. Do you believe President Trump should be held responsible for the events of Jan. 6?

The peaceful protest of citizens is not violence. This can best be demonstrated by comparing the events of January 6th to the violence committed across the United States by fascist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Then, if you still believe the events of January 6th were violent, then follow the money trail to bad actors such as George Soros, the Clintons, Bill Gates and the Obamas. This is a good start, but only scratching the surface.

Do you think Congress should pass legislation to limit or protect abortion access?

Congress does not need to pass any more legislation. Besides, homicide is against the law. Anyone who commits said act needs to be judged by their peers in a court of law.

What specific actions, if any, should the U.S. government take to curb gun violence?

People who break the law must be tried and convicted of their crimes. Law abiding citizens must remain armed to protect our Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How do you think new resource development projects in Alaska should be balanced with the interests of environmental protection and climate change mitigation?

Pollution and environmental contamination are problems that need to be addressed before development begins. Also, funds need to be set aside to fund clean-up efforts should an accident occur. If people are required to have insurance for property and vehicles, then we should expect the same from developers.

Climate change is a natural occurrence. Human activity may contribute to change, but it is not as significant as natural processes. Besides, if green houses produce more vegetation with increased Co2, why would we reduce Co2 in our natural environment?

How will you promote putting aside partisan politics to address complex issues in Congress?

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I can and will work with anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, to resolve issues.

Do you believe the federal government is well positioned to continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic and other future pandemics that may emerge?

No, the government is not positioned to address pandemics. Governmental tyranny is not appropriate during pandemics or emergencies. When government, at any level, fails to observe the law, it is no longer worthy of its role and only serves to undermine its citizens.

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports according to the gender with which they identify?

There are only two sexes, male and female. Athletes should compete in sports based on the sex they were observed to possess when born.

The federal infrastructure bill, which was voted for by all members of Alaska’s congressional delegation, stands to bring millions in federal funding to projects in Alaska. How would you ensure Alaska maximizes the benefits of this bill?

We need to ensure the funds are spent on infrastructure that benefits Alaska’s industries and constituents. If the funds are not being spent on infrastructure, then that is a problem that must be addressed.

What should the federal government be doing to curb inflation and strengthen the U.S. economy?

Again, government needs to reign in spending, stop printing money and passing fiscally irresponsible legislation. When government fails to do the previously mentioned, interest rates need to be adjusted in a timely manner before inflation starts.

What should be done, if anything, to change federal immigration policies?

Follow the law by limiting reckless immigration that has run amok. Build the wall, and welcome in people from around the world who want to better themselves and will be productive members of our society.

What is the country’s biggest national security threat?

Our government has allowed itself to be corrupted by fascist outsiders.

Where do you want Alaska and the U.S. to be five years from now in regard to emissions reductions and adaptation to the effects of climate change?

Again, curbing pollution is essential to protect people, animals and the environment. Responsible development is necessary for our sovereign nation to be independent. Climate change is a natural process that must run its course.

What other important issue would you like to discuss?

We have outsourced our resources, intellectual property, financial independence and medical integrity to outside countries and corporations. These actions have been detrimental to our security and sovereignty.