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3 Dog Designs offers edgy, feminine works of art

3 Dog Designs artist Julie Rabung
Kelly McLain photos
Accountant-by-day Julie Rabung is the creative force behind 3 Dog Designs.

Throughout the week, Julie Rabung crunches numbers as an accountant. During her free time, Rabung works with fused glass and distressed leather to create rings, pendants, earrings, wine bottle toppers, purses and more for her business,


Inside Upstairs Studio, Rabung's shared studio space in downtown Anchorage, buttery soft leather cuffs are draped across display tables. Rabung's leatherwork features edgy details like metal grommets and studs with feminine touches of floral accents. Her glass designs highlight geometric patterns and bold splashes of color.

Rabung, who said she's dabbled in other creative outlets like knitting, said working with glass and leather is fascinating. Each piece of art that she creates, Rabung said, turns out to be unique. She cuts the glass and leather herself, which creates distinct shapes and patterns with each cuff or pendant.

"It's a creative outlet for me," Rabung said. "It's fun when it's appreciated by others. Seeing someone wearing something by me is the biggest compliment."

3 Dog Designs can be found at Dos Manos Art Gallery, Her Tern Boutique, Sevigny Studio and Upstairs Studio. Rabung will be showing her work at Upstairs Studio on Dec. 11 and Dec. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Here are three of my favorite picks from 3 Dog Designs:

Leather cuffs by 3 Dog Designs

These leather cuffs are my favorite. The wide leather strap is fastened with one or more floral accent. Cost: $35

Leather clutch by 3 Dog Designs

Each purse features different shades of leather and styles of grommets, while the strap can be tucked inside to transform the purse into a clutch. Cost: $60

Glass pendants by 3 Dog Design

Rabung's fused glass pendants are among her best selling items. Whether dressing up for an evening out or wearing casual clothing, these pendants spice up any outfit. Cost: $38

Upstairs Studio

209 G St., Ste. 209, 212

Anchorage, AK 99501

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