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Stahla sweeps boys GS races at Alyeska Cup

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: February 9, 2017
  • Published February 9, 2017

Johanna Griggs of Juneau crashes a gate while claiming the overall victory in second giant slalom race Thursday at the Alyeska Cup. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)

Racers woke up to a fresh blanket of snow for Thursday's two giant slalom races at the Alyeska Cup in Girdwood.

Jack Stahla, a U-19 racer for the Alyeska Ski Club, swept the boys victories. In the girls races, U-19 skier April Ingrim of ASC won the first race and U-16 skier Johanna Griggs of the Juneau Ski Club won the second.

Ingrim's victory was the product of a strong first run that put her 1.3 seconds ahead of Maya Stevens. Madi Maroney had the fastest second-run time, but it wasn't enough to close the gap and left her second behind Ingrim.

Lexi Patten won the U-16 division and was fifth overall.

In the first boys' race, Stahla took the overall win by more than three seconds over Austen Eriksson. Connor Lane was fourth overall and topped the U-16 division.

In the second race, Mary Grace Stahla clocked the fastest time in the first run but couldn't hold off Griggs and Ingrim in the second run.

Jack Stahla earned his sweep by winning the second race by nearly one second over Ely Cerutti. Lane won the U-16 division and was third overall.

Stahla, Ingrim, Patten and Lane all claimed state age-group championships by winning their divisions in the day's first GS races.

The Alyeska Cup, sponsored by Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic, continues Friday with U-12 and U-14 athletes hitting the slopes for two super-G races.

Giant slalom No. 1


U16 — 1) Patten, Lexi, Alyeska Ski Club (ASC), 2:06.20; 2) Kane, Kennedy, ASC, 2:09.65; 3) Prussing, Addie, Juneau Ski Club (JSC), 2:12.67; 4) Griggs, Gabrielle, JSC, 2:12.90; 5) Bergstedt, Francesca, ASC, 2:13.03.

U19 — 1) Ingrim, April, ASC, 2:00.42; 2) Maroney, Madi, ASC, 2:02.12; 3) Buck, Sydney, ASC, 2:03.03; 4) Stevens, Maya, ASC, 2:04.07; 5) Willson, Roan, ASC, 2:06.46.

Overall — 1) Ingrim, 2) Maroney, 3) Buck, 4) Stevens, 5) Patten.


U16 — 1) Lane, Conner, Alyeska Ski Club (ASC), 1:56.44; 2) Seaver, Eli, ASC, 1:56.92; 3) Skaggs, Cam, JSC, 2:02.42; 4) Miles, Cedar, ASC, 2:04.02; 5) Sticka, Tanner, ASC, 2:07.40.

U19 — 1) Stahla, Jack, ASC, 1:51.98; 2) Eriksson, Austen, ASC,1:55.16; 3) Cerutti, Ely, ASC, 1:55.65; 4) Davies, Ronan, Juneau Ski Club (JSC), 1:59.36; 5) Hildreth, Cabell, ASC, 2:00.61.

Overall — 1) Stahla, 2) Eriksson, 3) Cerutti, 4) Lane, 5) Seaver.

Giant slalom No. 2


U16 — 1) Griggs, Johanna, Juneau Ski Club (JSC), 1:54.49; 2) Stahla, Mary Grace, Alyeska Ski Club (ASC), 1:54.90; 3) Von Wichman, Randi, ASC, 1:55.06; 4) Patten, Lexi, ASC, 2:00.25; 5) Prussing, Addie, JSC, 2:03.29.

U19 — 1) Ingrim, April, ASC, 1:54.66; 2) Maroney, Madi, ASC, 1:55.36; 3) Buck, Sydney, ASC, 1:57.81; 4) Willson, Roan, ASC, 2:01.12; 5) Howard, Clare, ASC, 2:38.43.

Overall — 1) Griggs, 2) Ingrim, 3) Stahla, 4) Von Wichman, 5) Maroney.


U16 — 1) Lane, Conner, Alyeska Ski Club (ASC),1:47.93; 2) Seaver, Eli, ASC, 1:49.56; 3) Eid, Hunter, ASC, 1:52.63; 4) Goldstein, Jacob, Juneau Ski Club (JSC),1:52.71; 5) Skaggs, Cam, JSC, 1:55.19

U19 — 1) Stahla, Jack, ASC, 1:46.08; 2) Cerutti, Ely, ASC, 1:47.01; 3) Eriksson, Austen, ASC, 1:48.90; 4) Hildreth, Cabell, ASC, 1:52.77; 5) Davies, Ronan, JSC, 1:54.34.

Overall — 1) Stahla, 2) Cerutti, 3) Lane, 4) Eriksson, 5) Seaver.

Alyeska Ski Club racer Austen Eriksson finished second overall in the first giant slalom and fourth overall in the second. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)

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