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WILD CARDS ... "" reports that Alaskan Greg Hobson won a No-Limit Texas Hold 'em title at this year's World Series of Poker in Vegas. Earwigs report Greg is the son-in-law of former gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker. Greg won $256,691 and a coveted WSP gold bracelet.

From an account of the game, it looks like he won the final pot with a pair of sevens. But Ear might be reading it wrong. Check the website account for yourself.

SWEET SUE ... Bristol Palin and friends got sued in California last week. Some guy who was maybe bad-mouthing Sarah to a group of patrons at a Hollywood bar says Bristol defamed him by calling him "a homosexual," filming the encounter for her "reality" show, and airing it in ads for the series. He wants compensatory, emotional and punitive damages.

Don't we all?

Ear is a little puzzled. Can you defame someone by saying they're gay? Ear's attorney, No-Contest Kelly, thinks the charge that Bristol and her posse invaded the guy's privacy by filming him without his permission might fly, but N-C got his law license in a Groupon special, so who knows.

Anyhow, Ear as usual is the master of few facts but many questions. What if no one actually watches the show? You know, like that falling-tree-in-the-forest thing.

Just wondering.

LONG SHOT ... Ear was momentarily struck dumb (no jokes) by an invitation to a Bob Bell fundraiser this coming Wednesday -- a golf tournament and barbecue at Tanglewood that promises a cool million dollars to anyone who scores a hole-in-one. Bell is running in the Republican primary against Liz Vasquez for the opportunity to challenge Hollis French for his Senate seat in November.

When Ear called to congratulate Bob on his sudden wealth, he laughed -- mostly at Ear's naiveté. Turns out the "prize" is really an insurance policy. The campaign bought it for "a few hundred dollars" and contributors collect in the extremely unlikely event that they pull off a hole-in-one. Lots of charities use the same gimmick. As it turns out, Bob's not even a golfer: "I never played a game of golf in my life," he told Ear.

LIGHTS CAMERA FOOD ... It had to happen. Someone has geared up to meet Alaskawood's need for on-site catering with a tricked-out food truck like the ones film companies have been shipping in to feed casts and crews.

Earwigs report Kathy Robinson, a recent graduate of the UAA Culinary Arts School, and husband Richard Geiger have taken delivery (by barge) of "Bombolina," a food truck with onboard griddles, ovens, coolers and fryers, plus a 1,000-pound BBQ smoker. Once muni paperwork is done, it will cruise the streets of Anchorage, waiting for the next big movie project to land in town.

JOKE ... A guy who farms out in the Valley says there's a new App for iPhones. It's called "Get a Life." It only does one thing. Turns off your iPhone.

AND, FROM THE UNALASKA POLICE BLOTTER ... 24 June, Sunday 00:18 -- Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute between a man and his wife. The man, fortified by liquid courage, confronted his wife concerning her unfaithfulness. She did not want to discuss this subject so the man left. The wife attempted to persuade her husband to stay by hitting him about the head and shoulders. The two were separated for the night.

26 June, Tuesday 14:55 -- Individual walked into Public Safety and requested assistance with tagging and following the individuals who were following him. The miscreants have been following the individual for several years through several different states and are always saying bad things about him. He is unable to describe the scoundrels as he has never actually seen them. The individual was referred to other services for assistance.

16:25 -- Complainant reported a pack of wild 2-month-old kittens creating a nuisance. Officers were unable to locate the ferocious felines.

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