Letter: City still a good place to live

In regard to William Lewis’ letter (June 7) about how mean Anchorage has become and his wish to return to Philadelphia, and Ms. Liz Bowen’s agreement (June 8) that Anchorage has become “trashy,” I believe their opinion is a matter of perspective. I have seen this city grow from 35,000 to what it is now, and I am proud to say this is my home. Just because it has a few sick people like Jerry Active and a few who haven’t learned their civic duty of keeping our streets clean doesn’t mean this city is not a good place to live. If that was true, then Philadelphia, a beautiful historical city that has over 400 murders a year, and at one time was considered the most dangerous city in the country to live in, would have thousands of people abandoning it. Over 28 percent of the population live in poverty, but still people choose to live there. I believe, like Mao Tosi, that if you don’t like what you see, then do something to change it.

— Joseph Fleming