‘Teaming With Microbes’ podcast: The hidden power of dandelions

Jonathan is bummed out that the dandelions are turning white.

Welcome to our weekly podcast with longtime Anchorage Daily News garden writer and author Jeff Lowenfels and co-host Jonathan White. It’s a companion to Jeff’s weekly ADN gardening columns and his popular series of books.

Jonathan is bummed out that the dandelions are turning white. However, Jeff reminds him that each flower has about 300 seeds (making it a powerful spreader). This kicks off a discussion about the hidden powers of dandelions. For example, did you know that you can make teas, wine and even tempura with them? Also, the dandelion taproot can burrow 15 feet into the ground!

[Jeff’s latest column: An ode to the dandelion, an unfairly maligned but pesky perennial]

After the break, Jonathan gives an update on his new ‘meadow’ and is surprised to see an abundance of clover.

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Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels has written a weekly gardening column for the ADN for more than 45 years. His columns won the 2022 gold medal at the Garden Communicators International conference. He is the author of a series of books on organic gardening available at Amazon and elsewhere. He co-hosts the "Teaming With Microbes" podcast.

Jonathan White

Jonathan White is the co-host, with Jeff Lowenfels, of the "Teaming with Microbes" podcast. He's an Anchorage small business owner, gardener and former journalist.