Airports will be packed this summer. That makes finding good direct flights even more valuable for Alaska travelers.

The summer travel season is upon us. Cruise ships are sailing into ports and RVs are on the road.

The common denominator of these events is crowds. As the days get longer, the crowds get bigger on the tour boats, bigger at hotel lobbies and bigger at the airport. And if you’re concerned about the crowds here at the Anchorage airport, just wait until you get to Seattle.

Seattle is a crucial connecting airport for Alaskans traveling around the world. But the summertime crowds are going to be massive. Smart travelers look at nonstop flights to avoid problems along the way, including delays, lost luggage and weather cancellations.

Many travelers have booked their peak-season flights already. But things come up and plans change. If you’re in the market for a flight Outside this summer, let’s review who’s flying nonstop flights where — and how much it costs to get a ticket.

International flights

Anchorage-Vancouver on Air Canada. The airline offers one flight per day, leaving at 4:55 p.m. The flights start this weekend and run through Sept. 30, 2024. For most of the summer, the one-way fare is $421. Fares are subject to change without notice. Air Canada is a member of the Star Alliance group, which includes United Airlines. Travelers can earn and burn their MileagePlus points on these flights.

Anchorage-Frankfurt on Discover Airlines. Discover also is a member of the Star Alliance airline group, so you can use your MileagePlus points. Discover offers two nonstops per week (Tuesdays and Saturdays) from Anchorage, starting on June 8. Prices start at $799 roundtrip. Book at

Anchorage-Frankfurt on Condor Airlines. Condor’s first flight of the season is this weekend. For the next three weeks, Condor will fly twice each week on Thursdays and Saturdays. Starting June 11, Condor boosts its schedule to three times weekly, adding a Tuesday flight. Fly for $670 roundtrip through June 20, before prices go up. Travelers can earn and burn Alaska Air miles with Condor.


Mileage tickets between Anchorage and Frankfurt on Condor start at 27,500 miles each way. But there are extra fees: $49 for the outbound flight to Frankfurt and $193 per person for the return flight.

West Coast

Anchorage-Seattle/Everett on Alaska Air. Alaska has resumed its daily Anchorage-Paine Field nonstop for the summer. The airline uses Horizon Air to fly the route on one of its E175 2x2 aircraft (no middle seats). There are a few dates in June (7-12) where you can get a $119 one-way fare. After that, most days are available for $167 one-way on the southbound flight ($169 one-way northbound).

Anchorage-Seattle/Tacoma. Alaska Air’s schedule to Seattle from Anchorage is impressive: 18-21 flights per day. To get the best rate of $167 one-way (Saver), plan on buying your tickets at least 21 days in advance. It’s an extra $35 each way to get a Main cabin ticket. Same seat, but you can pick it out in advance and earn full Mileage Plan credit.

Delta is offering six flights every day to Seattle. The cheap seats are priced the same: $167 one-way. It’s $30 more to get Main for advance seat assignments and full SkyMiles credit. But for $50 more ($217 one-way), you can get Comfort+ with a little extra legroom.

Anchorage-Portland on Alaska Air. Travelers can choose from three departures each day from Anchorage. Two of the flights are on Horizon’s E175s. Again, I’m partial to these aircraft because there’s no middle seat in coach. In first class, there’s just one seat on the left side, with two on the right. Saver tickets start at $177 one-way, with Main cabin seats for $35 more each way.

Anchorage-San Francisco. Daily nonstops on Alaska are available for $197 one-way for Saver seats, with a 21-day advance purchase. Add $40 each way for Main. The seasonal nonstops operate through Sept. 30.

United’s nonstop Anchorage-San Francisco flights resume on May 23. Pricing for Basic Economy is $197 one-way. Add $40 one-way for Economy so you can carry aboard a rolling bag or other in-cabin item.

Anchorage-Los Angeles/LAX on Alaska Airlines. The airline offers a daily red-eye flight from Anchorage, starting at $197 one-way. You must purchase your ticket 21 days in advance to get that price on the southbound flight. Northbound flights are more in the summer, from $341 one-way (Saver).

Anchorage-San Diego on Alaska Airlines. This is a new route for the airline, which operates once per week on Saturdays between now and Sept. 28. Plan ahead and get tickets for as little as $219 one-way (Saver).

Mountain states

Anchorage-Las Vegas on Alaska Airlines. Twice-a-week nonstop service is available on Fridays and Sundays. Plan ahead and get tickets for $197 one-way (Saver).

Anchorage-Phoenix on Alaska Airlines. Daily service is available all the way through the summer until Aug. 19, when Alaska reverts to four-times-weekly service. Tickets in mid-June are available for as little as $187 one-way (Saver). Northbound tickets cost more, but some late-June dates are available for $199-221 one-way.

Anchorage-Salt Lake City. Delta and Alaska Airlines resume their seasonal flights this weekend with three-times-weekly service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. After June 10, Delta adds two more days: Thursdays and Mondays. One-way tickets sell for about $217, with a 21-day advance purchase.

Anchorage-Denver. United flies the route year-round. Alaska has resumed its seasonal nonstop flights, through Sept. 28. On May 23, United adds a second daily nonstop. Plan ahead and tickets are available for $187 one-way southbound. Northbound tickets cost more, from $189-$289 one-way in late June.

Midwestern states

Anchorage-Minneapolis. This is the most competitive destination, with three airlines vying for customers. Early-season flights on Sun Country Airlines are the cheapest: $119 one-way, starting May 25 for southbound flights. Flying north costs more: from $179 one-way.

Alaska Airlines starts seasonal service to the Twin Cities this weekend with three flights per week: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On June 13, Alaska starts daily flights, from $219 one-way.

Delta flies nonstop year-round, with prices starting at about $210 one-way.

Anchorage-Chicago. In the height of the summer season, three airlines also fly this route: American, Alaska and United. Starting next month, both United and Alaska add an additional flight, offering two each day. All three carriers offer basic economy tickets at about $195 one-way.


Anchorage-Dallas. American has resumed its nonstop flights for the summer, currently scheduled all the way through Jan. 6, 2025. On June 6, American adds a second daily flight, which will fly through Sept. 2. Prices are super-high through most of June and really do not mellow out until June 25, when you can get a basic economy ticket for $548 roundtrip.

Anchorage-Houston on United Airlines. United’s seasonal daily flight resumes on May 23. Prices are high, even with advance notice: from $741 roundtrip starting June 13.

Eastern states

Anchorage-Detroit on Delta. Starting June 7, Delta will operate three flights each week, Friday-Sunday. Prices are high, starting at $717 roundtrip.

Anchorage-Atlanta on Delta. Starting May 23, Delta resumes its daily Anchorage-Atlanta nonstop flights. Prices are super-high, from $1,117 roundtrip.

Anchorage-New York/JFK. This is a new route for Alaska Airlines — the longest in its system. Nonstop flights start on June 13 and are priced starting at $551 roundtrip.

Anchorage-Newark on United. Seasonal nonstops from Anchorage to Newark resume May 23, priced from $571 roundtrip (departing June 7).

Anchorage-Washington, DC/Dulles on United. This is a new flight for United. Dulles is a big hub for the airline. Seasonal daily service starts May 23. Plan ahead to get roundtrip tickets for $741 (departing June 7).


Alaska Airlines drops its nonstop flights from Anchorage to Maui and Kona. But Anchorage-Honolulu continues to operate each day. Flights in June are available for $197 one-way going south. Flying north costs more: from $279 one-way.


There are fewer nonstop flights between Fairbanks and the Lower 48, but they’re important.

Fairbanks-Seattle: Delta has two daily flights and Alaska has five daily flights, starting at $179 one-way.

Fairbanks-Denver: United offers daily flights, starting May 23. from $291 one-way.

Fairbanks-Minneapolis: Starting June 7, Delta will fly each day to Minneapolis, starting at $479 roundtrip.

Fairbanks-Chicago: United’s daily flights are scheduled through Sept. 25. Prices start at $573 roundtrip.

All fares (and schedules) are subject to change without notice. Sources:,,

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