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Bringing babies in need home with NEST

SPONSORED: Alaska’s only dedicated neonatal treatment program works to keep families affected by substance abuse together.

A pain clinic without opioids? Believe it.

SPONSORED: With a focus on holistic healing, the clinic at Alaska Native Medical Center is helping its patients overcome chronic pain.

Colon cancer in Alaska: Common and completely preventable

SPONSORED: This researcher found that switching to a high-fiber diet armed patients’ bodies with cancer-crushing bacteria. Now he’s seeking volunteers for a study that aims to put an end to colorectal cancer’s devastating effect on Alaska Native people.

The science of good bud

SPONSORED: Cannabis is more than just THC. We talked to Alaska scientists to learn more about what’s going on with the plant -- and in your body -- when you partake.

Tradition, culture, and the healing power of community

SPONSORED: Modern problems like substance abuse and suicide often have their roots in traumas that took place in the past — but looking to the past may also help Alaska Native people prevent and heal from them.

When healing means more than stitching up wounds

SPONSORED: As the long-term impacts of trauma are better understood, providers in Alaska are working to adapt the way they treat trauma patients -- and to avoid seeing them in the first place.

The living legacy of Alaska’s community health aides

SPONSORED: Long a fixture in rural areas, the Alaska Community Health Aide Program over the years has grown, evolved, and expanded to new disciplines - and begun to inspire similar initiatives beyond Alaska.

How is Medicaid used in Alaska? Test your knowledge

SPONSORED: If you think you know what Medicaid looks like in Alaska, it might be time to think again. Learn more about the program’s impact, then put your knowledge to the test with an online quiz.

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