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Eat, drink and be merry!

SPONSORED: These festive recipes pack all the delicious seasonal flavors without all the guilt.

An apple a day keeps kindergartners engaged

SPONSORED: If you grew up in Cordova, chances are you remember Mrs. Moffitt. This 2015 BP Teacher of Excellence has been teaching in the Cordova School District for more than 30 years.

A teacher, a storyteller, a champion

SPONSORED: Ben Colson, of Anchorage's SAVE High School, has been helping students who've had disrupted educations, for one reason or another, navigate toward graduation.

Winter safety refresher

Sponsored: Whether you’re living, traveling or recreating in urban and rural Alaska, here are tips to keep you safe all winter long.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

A little gift-giving inspiration to kick off your holiday season!

Understanding diabetes, prediabetes and your own risk

SPONSORED: There are simple ways to assess and address risks among Alaskans and Alaska Natives who have a higher-than-average incidence of diabetes.

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