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Pavlof Volcano's threat level lowered after week of unrest

Alaska Volcano Observatory has lowered Pavlof Volcano's threat level following a week of activity.

Eruptions and ash emissions began on May 13, the observatory said. That activity was last observed on Monday, prompting the observatory on Friday to change its alert level from "watch" to "advisory," or orange to yellow.

"Since then, we have not detected seismic signals associated with ash emission or lava effusion," the observatory said, adding satellite surveys showed no evidence for eruptive activity.

Pavlof remains in a heightened state of unrest, however. Pauses in activity lasting days or weeks are common; activity could start once more with little to no warning, the observatory said.

On March 27, the volcano sent ash 3,700 feet into the air. The plume drifted northeast across the state and into Canada and causing flight cancellations for two days.