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Tracking COVID-19 in Alaska: State reports more cases but fewer hospitalizations than previous week

There were 74 people with COVID-19, including one person on a ventilator, hospitalized in Alaska as of Wednesday, according to the state health department.

Here are other highlights from this week’s updated COVID-19 data from the Alaska Department of Health:

• The hospitalizations reported Wednesday were down from the previous week, when 83 people were hospitalized with the virus. But that’s still higher than three weeks ago, when 67 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized.

• The state health department did not report any new COVID-19 deaths.

• In Alaska, 3,284 new cases were reported over a seven-day period, an increase from 2,946 cases reported last week. That data doesn’t include at-home tests, which have become increasingly popular but don’t get reported.

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• Alaska’s seven-day case rate per 100,000 now ranks 13th among U.S. states, according to a CDC tracker.

• Statewide, 67.5% of Alaskans six months and older had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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