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Sunday is the last day Alaskans can apply for their 2024 Permanent Fund dividend

Alaskans have until the end of Sunday, March 31 to file for their 2024 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.

Online filers have until 11:59 p.m. Alaska time on Sunday to turn in their application, while mailed applications need to be postmarked no later than March 31. Additional information and a link to the online application is available at

The approximate size of this year’s dividend likely won’t be known until the end of the legislative session in May, as state lawmakers deliberate over the check amount in budget discussions.

Eligibility for the annual dividend includes having resided in Alaska during all of the previous calendar year, not being convicted of or incarcerated for a felony, and not traveling out of the state for more than 180 days, except for certain allowable absences.

By Saturday, more than 586,000 Alaskans had already applied for the dividend, according to the Alaska Department of Revenue.

Since 2017, the size of Permanent Fund dividend has been an annual debate in the Alaska Legislature, taking up a significant amount of time as part of the budget-making process.

The amount hasn’t followed the dividend formula set in state statute since 2016, with lawmakers saying the formula is untenable.


The exact dollar amount, which depends on how many Alaskans file for the check, is typically announced in September.

Last year’s dividend was $1,312.