Frustrated about snow removal? Here are some resources in Anchorage

Plenty of information about Anchorage snowplowing operations is available online, but it can be hard to find. Here's a breakdown of resources for the next time there's a big snowfall.

Submit a complaint about snow removal or other problems on the city's "#ANCWorks!" website. City officials recommend using the online system.

You can also call the city's Street Maintenance dispatch center: 907-343-8277.

[In snowy winter, Anchorage city workers dig out mailboxes and battle snow-pile rule-breaking]

This is the map showing the state of Alaska's priorities for winter road maintenance. The map shows the roads in Anchorage that the state is responsible for plowing.

Those roads are: the Glenn Highway, DeBarr Road, Boniface Parkway, Airport Heights Drive, Muldoon Road, Tudor Road, International Airport Road, Minnesota Drive, New Seward Highway, Old Seward Highway (Dowling Road to Rabbit Creek Road), Dowling Road, Sand Lake Road, Jewel Lake Road, Raspberry Road, Potter Drive, Dimond Boulevard, O'Malley Road, Huffman Road, DeArmoun Road, Rabbit Creek Road, Hillside Drive and Birch Road.

To contact the state of Alaska about maintenance on state-maintained roads, call 907-338-1466.


Here is a map showing the city of Anchorage's snowplowing priorities. That includes most neighborhoods and business and industrial areas.

Note: The city is not responsible for clearing snow from driveways, and property owners can't shovel, blow or plow snow into the street or onto sidewalks. Snow removed from private property has to stay on the property or be hauled away.

What are the rules about removing snow from private property? Here is a copy of a notice you might receive if you're doing it wrong.

This map shows the official division of responsibilities between the state and the city for both summer and winter road maintenance.

If a "plow-out" has been declared, typically after an accumulation of 4 or more inches of snow, track the status of the plowing live on this city website.

Sidewalks are low on the priority list. This map shows city and state plans for removing snow from bus stops, sidewalks and trails.

General information about summer and winter road maintenance can be found on the city's Street Maintenance website.

Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly was an ADN staff reporter.