21 questions: Anchorage Assembly candidate Dustin Darden

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage Assembly in the 2019 election to answer a series of issue questions. Many of the questions were based on suggestions from readers. Find all candidates and their answers here. We did the same thing with candidates for Anchorage School Board.

Candidate: Dustin Darden

Age: 35

Occupation: Maintenance Worker/Product Demonstrator

Current employer: Municipality of Anchorage & Costco Demonstration Services at Costco

Previous public offices held or sought/community leadership positions: Everything but the kitchen sink.

Education: Hard knocks U


Website: None


What steps have you taken to prepare for this job? What strengths do you bring to office, and what in your life demonstrates those strengths?

I smoked some really good salmon. I landed a 360 flip down the 4 stairs at Enstar Gas company, you know the ones closest to Spenard Road.

Describe an ordinance or legislative issue you plan to bring forward as an Assembly member, and any funding it might require.

Consider conducting assembly meetings outside at Cuddy Park. It would be free, I like free stuff.

What is the largest budget you’ve managed? State the amount, length of time and your level of responsibility.

30 tomato plants planted upside down in a hole in 5 gallon buckets hanging from a green house made out of recycled garbage. It lasted years till the snow fell heavy that same year the Dome caved in it did the same. Now it’s a apple orchard.

Describe your position on policies that affect the way Anchorage grows in the coming years.

Lots of coffee.

Do you support the alcohol tax proposed by the administration of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz? Why or why not?

If what you’re getting at is building a world-record zipline down Flattop to Anchorage then yes. But launching some off buildings downtown may be a better start. Someday a one “miler” to point Mackenzie or even from Wales to Diomede to Russia is only a little over 20 miles a zip or tram.

What should the city do to alleviate the problem of illegal camps in green spaces in the city?

I’ve never seen an eagle with a illness. But what in Dutch Harbor I’ve seen a highway of eagles traveling in a line going someplace with purpose. Eagles are strong powerful and respected by all other animals.

The cost estimate for modernizing the Port of Alaska recently doubled. What do you think the city should do?

Fall back and punt. A zipline is a drop in the bucket just build one.

There could be tough budget times ahead with state cutbacks. What can the city do to make up for those cuts?


Make things like bird houses or furniture out of trash give them away for early presents “nothing wrong with early”

What did you think about Alaska’s efforts at criminal justice reform, which began in 2016 with Senate Bill 91?

That’s the Fluoride one right ? Not a happy camper, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just don’t like the fact that a classified neurotoxin that’s causes measurable brain damage to the effect of lowering IQs is added to our water supply.

Describe your position on crime in Anchorage.

Justice for all

How do you feel Anchorage performed in the recent 7.0 earthquake? What can the city government do, or what would you do on the Assembly, to improve seismic safety or emergency preparedness?

2 kinds of people the ones that stay inside and ones that run outside. I run outside.

What do you think of the job Ethan Berkowitz has been doing as mayor?


He taught me I can keep talking after the bell rings so you don’t stop talking mid-sentence when you are saying something important like contact your legislators and have them pass an Alaska life at conception act.

Overall taxation in Anchorage is....too low? Too high? Just right? Explain. If taxes are too high, what would you cut? If taxes are too low, what would you raise?

More coffee

Tell us your ideas about transit and infrastructure in Anchorage.

Make it rain ziplines

What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

Youtube cellphone towers and the effect on the body. What’s with the chem trails now days ? If the ingredients on vaccines are printed for you would you believe it ? D.U.M.B.s Deep underground military basses. Do dinosaurs 🦕 still live in aqua ducts in the amezon ? Are lazers the new thing ? And so much more. Just say no to the chip.

What is the most pressing problem facing your district?

It’s all good in our hood

Would you support a law allowing on-site consumption of marijuana?

The biggest dope dealers are prescription drug.

What three places would you pick when highlighting Anchorage to tourists?


Carrs Safeway, Holiday gas station, and a JOB

Would you take steps toward reversing Anchorage’s plastic bag ban?

Look up the dark agenda of synthetic biology.

Do you support the Berkowitz administration’s efforts to create a climate change action plan?

Noah got the heads up built a Ark

If you were asked to cut the city budget by 10 percent in the coming fiscal year, in which three areas would you recommend cuts?

Defend innocent end fluoridation audit FAAs MSDS