Bronson set to win race for Anchorage mayor; Dunbar concedes

The runoff race for Anchorage mayor is coming to a close, with Dave Bronson set to defeat Forrest Dunbar as just a few more votes were tallied Friday.

Bronson had 50.66% of the vote with 45,889 total votes. That’s 1,191 more than Dunbar, who had 44,698 votes, or 49.34%.

Just 93 more ballots were included in Friday’s results, with 90,720 total ballots counted. Bronson’s lead shrank slightly, dropping by 9 votes from Thursday.

Dunbar conceded in a Facebook post Friday evening, writing “it is clear that Dave Bronson will be Anchorage’s next mayor.”

Bronson posted to Facebook shortly after that, writing, “I am extremely humbled by the people of Anchorage and their decision to elect me as Mayor. This was a hard fought battle, and I know that there are some in Anchorage who did not vote for me. As Mayor I will work to bring this city back together so we can make Anchorage more vibrant than ever.”

🔵🟡Tonight's numbers solidify our lead in this race. I am extremely humbled by the people of Anchorage and their decision...

Posted by Dave Bronson for Mayor on Friday, May 21, 2021

With today’s results released, and the public session of canvas nearly complete, it is clear that Dave Bronson will be...

Posted by Forrest Dunbar for Mayor on Friday, May 21, 2021

Regular ballots had until Friday to arrive at the elections center. Only overseas ballots can still arrive and be counted, up until May 25.

The election commission was scheduled to hold its public session of canvass Friday evening. After the commission adopts its report, the city clerk passes it to the Anchorage Assembly for review. The Assembly is scheduled to certify the results of the election on Tuesday.

The runoff election saw a record voter turnout of 38.3%, surpassing the record set in 2018 for 36.3%.

Emily Goodykoontz

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