Anchorage School Board candidate Q&A: Dustin Darden

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage Assembly to answer a series of issue questions. Read all of them here.

Dustin Darden | Seat B | Age: 38 | Occupation: Agent of the M.O.A., journeyman carpenter, constitutional prosecutor, revolutionary, patriot, servant of the Most High

What is a short summary of your background?

We are in the middle of a climactic shift in what was and what’s about to crack off. The No. 1 thing you need to keep in mind is having your heart right with God, and if you have not yet asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord and savior now is the acceptable time. There is no sin He won’t forgive, no sick He won’t restore, no broken heart He can not heal, and forgiveness always. Do that, even in battle to have a clear understanding of eternity, for even those that hurt us, is a profound acceleration chains and burdens that can hold us back from loving. I believe Alaska will be restored to a greater glory, then before you thought it was acceptable, I see it not only stronger but an example to nations, a beacon of hope, a people of gentle loving kindness that restore peacefully in justice.

Why are you running?

The leadership In the Anchorage School District has become infected with gross corruption. All current Anchorage school board members are clearly conspiring, it runs as a dark lie fueled by power, control and deception. I not only intend on sitting on the Anchorage School Board for a short while and the United States Senate in Washington for years to come, but on my way, I also intend on exposing this dark agenda of control by working with people that love life and liberty. This exposure will come by the roots of solid education, critical thinking, and discerning truth from error. You that are reading this are part of a pivotal time in history. If the light is in you then you are part of the exposure of darkness. We all have our part, we all have a unique call. On our lives I would like for you to take a moment to consider what it is you are going to do about the situation we are in, because I know Anchorage, Alaska is a special place that is to shine.

What makes you qualified to serve on the Anchorage School Board?


I grew up in Anchorage. I went through my entire school career going through Anchorage Public Schools. Before entering ASD I attended Saint Mark preschool which is located on the other side of Lake Otis across from Wendler Middle School. In preschool I majored in Play-Doh, digging objects out of a large sandbox, building structures out of blocks made of cardboard, finger painting, Bible studies, and hammering nails into a large block of wood. Upon completion of my time at Saint Mark preschool I went onto kindergarten and first grade at Abbott Loop Elementary. The second grade through sixth grade at Willard L. Bowman Elementary then I went to Hanshew Middle School for seventh and eighth grade. Then I attended East Anchorage high school from ninth grade to 12th grade. During the time at East high I simultaneously Attended King career center, where I studied radio and TV production and welding. I then attended the University of Alaska Anchorage making pottery and wheel-thrown ceramics. And then was accepted into the Southern Alaska carpenters training center, graduating from the program and working in the field to become a certified journeyman carpenter.

What’s your vision for public education in Anchorage?

Education that is free from bondage and tyranny, education that inspires hope for a future that shines so bright it crushes the wicked plans of the enemy. For you perpetrators of evil on the little ones, you are guilty and you will be dealt with in this world and eternity, but God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe it in him should not perish but have everlasting life. I plead with you to repent now.

What’s the single most important issue facing the Anchorage School District? How would you address it if elected?

I’m not going to wait until I’m elected, I have began the prosecution process of all Anchorage School Board members along with executive Tom Roth, Superintendent Deena Bishop and administrator Katy Grant. On Aug. 3, 2021, I issued a legal notice to the above parties at a searchable, recorded school board meeting during public testimony to cease and desist all efforts to coerce, intimidate, persuade, trick, compel any experimental gene therapy injection and any medical devices on any man, woman or child. I took arrest documents to Anchorage Police Department so that above parties could be dealt with, currently adding more discoveries and evidence.

If I could change one thing in the Anchorage School District, it would be _____. Explain.

Cut all ties and funding from the federal government, the Anchorage Assembly and mayor. On July 13, 2021, I served a legal notice to all members of the Anchorage Assembly, Mayor Dave Bronson and the health department’s Michael Savitt. To cease and desist any effort to coerce, intimidate, persuade, trick or compel any man, woman or child to receive any experimental gene therapy injection or any other medical device including masks.

Do you have areas of concern about student achievement in the Anchorage School District? What are your specific suggestions for improvement?

When you step foot in school you should be able to achieve basic procurement of fresh, un-poisoned drinking water and not bombarded with emf radiation.

Do you have ideas for how ASD can improve its career and technical education curriculum?

Start at a young age with hands on things like blocks of wood, hammers and nails. Yards of dirt teach them to grow food and raise chickens, how to purify water and gather food, the basic survival skills. Teach them how to make a friction fire with sticks and cordage. Teach them defensive hand-to-hand combat, Morris code, smoke signals. Teach them to have their stuff together so they won’t be asking for help but be able to offer aid, teach them first-aid and CPR. Teach them to build printing presses to make pamphlets, teach them to make radio networks and to build transportation vehicles out of rubble. Teach them to hunt, fish, gather and process food, then to prepare for times of famine and war. Teach them the word of God, the good news of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and an appreciation for our Heavenly Father for all that He has provided and the opportunity to be a blessing to the nations Teach them discipline and respect, teach them to be loving and forgiving but also justice.

Are you satisfied with current preschool options? Explain.

Having fun, engaging activities and teach the fundamentals of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in interactive Bible lessons is critically important at this age. Children at this age need to be protected from evil; anyone telling children a man is a woman or a woman is a man should not be able to work in a school. It’s sad that these basic statements must be made but currently ASD is receiving large amounts of money from the global elite to push such perverse ideas that you can pick what gender you want to be when in fact it was God almighty that made that decision when He knitted you together in your mother’s womb. You see the consistency of the globalist’s evil playbook, anything they do is to undermine the supremacy of The Lord God. Keep in mind it’s not the globalists that come up with this evil but principalities and powers in high places, we pray and act.

Is the Anchorage School District currently doing a good job of retaining quality teachers? What steps, if any, should the school board take to improve teacher retention?

• We need to remove unconstitutional firearm prohibitions. If a teacher wants to pack heat it should be encouraged.

• Disband all association with the National School Board association and Alaska School Board Association.

• Segregate bathrooms, males and females.


• Purchase some EricHill RT-100 radiation detectors for teachers so they can see how harmful the fluorescent and LED lights are, then allow them to bring in some lamps that take good old incandescent bulbs also if they find unhealthy spikes (and they will) of UT 5G radiation let them disconnect the sources and add shielding. This will not only protect the teachers but also protect students.

Rate how the Anchorage School District has handled the pandemic, and why? What would you have done differently, if anything?

The Anchorage School Board did a fantastic job handling the planned-emic in the eyes of their handlers, the satanic global elite the school board, we’re good little puppets. But in my eyes and anyone that was not involved or deceived are disgusted at the behavior of the Anchorage School Board, they forced masks on myself, children and even had my brother Nial Sherwood Williams arrested at the Anchorage School District headquarters because he did not have on a face diaper. t’s critical that we stand united against tyranny and bring down walls they build.

Many students are struggling due to pandemic-related challenges, both academically and behaviorally. What are some strategies the school district should prioritize to help students recover from that period?

We can help the students and parents that have been deceived by giving them accurate, uncensored information about the documented plans of people like the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates. I offer at this time anyone with questions or input on how we can unite against this tyranny targeted against humanity to feel free to go to my Facebook page to watch videos on what I’m saying about these injections and dark emanate dangers which we have no option but to expose and triumph in victory!

What are your thoughts on how the topic of racism and its history in the United States should be taught in public schools?

Remember this? Let’s sing it with instruments, record, chop it up, put a beat on it.

Jesus loves the little children/ All the children of the world/ red and yellow, black and white/ they’re precious in his sight/ Jesus loves the little children of the world/ Jesus loves the little children/ All the children of the world/ Every color, every race/ All are covered by His grace /Jesus loves the little children of the world/ Jesus loves the little children of the world.


I’m a big fan of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, I learned about her in school, she has inspired me to take a stand because discrimination does not end at the color of your skin, it’s vast. in December 2020 I thought of her while our Assembly and mayor shut down our city and were gearing up to start jabbing people.

What other important issue would you like to discuss?

Sometimes life can be tough, we all are going through something, people offend us and it can hurt, but my best advice is to be quick to forgive. It’s possible to walk with peace, with everyone that kind of peace can really only be achieved through the eyes of eternity. I’ve heard stories of people that pass on see a glimmer of eternity and recall all these issues we made such a big deal about spending hours years and decades running, then in the end, all that didn’t even register a thought. I just encourage everyone to consider forgiveness and see what happens. I look forward to what God is going to do through our amazing city, when we all start taking a stand or a seat like good old Rosa Parks, stuff changes. You see in the Bible, Jesus was always taking a situation and doing something that was so simple but so amazing. He walked this earth, did amazing things and when we take our circumstances and surrender all to Him, He always shows Himself to be good, so yes, this Jesus Christ is King.