Anchorage Assembly vice chair to take medical leave

Anchorage Assembly Vice Chair Meg Zaletel said Tuesday that she’s taking medical leave beginning May 24.

The Midtown Assembly member will return to her role on July 11, according to a statement from the Assembly. Zaletel is also executive director of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness; she’s taking medical leave from that role as well, returning Aug. 1. The Assembly statement said Zaletel’s constituents can contact the other Midtown Assembly member, Felix Rivera, during her leave.

“I’ll be using this time to heal and connect with my family and loved ones,” Zaletel said in a written statement. “I believe it’s important to acknowledge when it’s time for a break, especially after the turbulent times our community has seen over these last couple of years.”

When reached by phone, Zaletel declined to comment further at this time.

After prevailing against a recall vote in 2021, Zaletel was elected to her second term representing Midtown last year. She was unanimously selected as the Assembly’s vice chair by the other members last month.

“Both of my roles in the community are so important to me, and I’m grateful for the many community members who have supported me and worked by my side to make our city a better place for everyone,” Zaletel said in the statement. “I look forward to returning soon and continuing to work for our community.”

Emily Goodykoontz

Emily Goodykoontz is a reporter covering Anchorage local government and general assignments. She previously covered breaking news at The Oregonian in Portland before joining ADN in 2020. Contact her at