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Move aside, McKinley Mac -- it's Denali Mac now

Fast-food retailer McDonald's is among the first businesses to re-label an item named after North America's tallest mountain in the wake of President Obama's renaming of Mount McKinley to Denali this summer.

According to Kenai radio station KSRM, which first reported the change, the McKinley Mac sandwich sold at Alaska McDonald's restaurants will now be known as the Denali Mac. Alaska McDonald's franchisee Scott Cunningham told the station that the name change was approved by the chain last week.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a key proponent of the Denali name change, even asked the fast-food giant to change the sandwich's name on Twitter in June.

Murkowski enthusiastically tweeted news about the name Wednesday afternoon.

"This makes it 'official!' " Murkowski wrote.

Of course, the name change doesn't make the Denali Mac -- a Big Mac sandwich made with two Quarter Pounder patties -- any less of a digestive challenge. While the U.S. Geological Survey recently reduced the mountain's official height by 10 feet to 20,310 feet, nutrition website MyFitnessPal shows the sandwich still containing an estimated 824 calories, as well as 50 grams of fat.

This story has been edited to reflect a more recent U.S. Geological Survey change in Denali's official height to 20,310 feet, rather than a proposed change to 20,237 feet in 2013.