Rural Alaska

Little Diomede city building slides into school

Little Diomede residents are fearing for safety and utilities after the city building partially collapsed into the school on Sunday morning.

No injuries were reported, according to Jen Wallace, an emergency management specialist for the State Emergency Operation Center.

The village experienced a power outage lasting over two hours following the collapse of the city building, which also impacted water and TelAlaska phone services, according to an emailed statement from Wallace.

Wallace said the tribal coordinator of Diomede, Frances Ozenna, notified the SEOC of the situation Sunday afternoon. According to the statement, Ozenna reported that fuel tanks had been disconnected in fear of safety and utilities.

According to the statement, Ozenna told the SEOC the stilts of the building had rotten out underneath it.

The city office and the surrounding area were vacated after the collapse, according to the statement.

The school is asking for assistance in keeping children away from the school building for safety and for homes with internet to email the principal at


The school said Monday night on Facebook that the building would be closed indefinitely, and online classes would begin Dec. 4.

Updates will be posted to the Diomede School Facebook page.

This story originally appeared on KNOM and is republished here with permission.