Brown bear cub rescued after sow illegally killed near Nome

A male brown bear cub was rescued and taken to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage after his mother was illegally killed near Nome, officials said Wednesday.

The cub, which some staff members have been calling Theodore, is around 5 months old, Alaska Zoo executive director Patrick Lampi said in an email.

He is small but in good shape and eating well, Lampi said. He's eating formula five times a day with softened kibble.

The public isn't yet able to see the bear cub, which needs time to recuperate and adjust to captive life, Lampi said.

The bear was captured after his mother was reported killed April 29 in Venetia Creek, Alaska State Troopers said.

The sow had been killed the day before, but neither the skull nor hide were salvaged. Some of the sow's claws had been removed. Troopers were able to confirm that she was a lactating sow. Killing female bears with cubs is illegal.

The cub was found nearby, captured and taken to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and shipped to Anchorage.


In late June or July, the cub is tentatively scheduled to travel to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Washington state, Lampi said, where he will live out his life.

Anyone with information about the illegally killed sow is asked to call Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Nome at 907-443-2429 or Wildlife Safeguard at 800-478-3377.

Laurel Andrews

Laurel Andrews was a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Dispatch News and Alaska Dispatch. She left the ADN in October 2018.