Amanda Coyne: Of Palin, patriots and Parnell

Admit it. You've missed Sarah Palin. Her exasperating relationship with the truth. The clan-like sense of justice. The malapropisms. Those mysteriously acquired Midwestern vowels. The smile as she's reaching for the dagger. The voice, which has within it a piercing dog whistle that, for those who hear it, beckons like an abandoned swing set during a windstorm. Come back and play, kids!

Amanda Coyne: Parnell's light seems to be flickering

Until recently, Gov. Sean Parnell has had a relatively soft ride, with the public and Alaska media taking it comparatively easy on our well-coiffed, unassuming governor. The one who declared during his 2008 race against U.S. Rep. Don Young that "I just want to be a light." A little odd, and he wasn't elected, but it sounded good. Who doesn't like light?

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