More than global warming afflicts endangered Shishmaref

The steadily lengthening ice-free season has left the Sarichef Island shorelines exposed to storms that themselves are aggravated by climate change, speeding the pace of erosion and consistently thwarting efforts at maintaining the ground beneath the town.

Pair of Alaska murder mysteries offer compelling tangled tales

Both books provide what crime readers want: quick tales with flawed but decent heroes, people with pasts they can’t escape, a few plot twists and a handy resolution, all set in locations that help drive the stories. Alaska again proves itself prime geography for fictional killings.

Graphic novel based on 'Moose: The Movie' is a hoot

Anchorage artist Lucas Elliott delivers a 148-page streamlined adaptation that pulls the main plot threads from the film and weaves them into a fast-paced, eye-pleasing version that can be easily read in a single sitting. It’s every bit as funny as the movie, even if many of the best parts and quirkiest characters got left out.

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