DeeDee's hellish year

After dealing with her mother's death, her husband's illness and a devastating fire, the beloved Alaska musher needs the Iditarod more than ever.

Nugen's treatment ranch gives addicts a second chance

Forest Bond has been that bundle of bones passed out at the picnic table, people walking by, staring, shaking their heads. He's been that unconscious drunk carted off to the emergency room, over and over, three times in one week, best he can remember. He's scored a blood alcohol level of 0.5 more times than makes any kind of sense. That's more than six times the legal limit for driving.

Service dogs provide barrier against anxieties

Used to be, there were days on end when Sara Cheney was convinced she didn't deserve to take another breath. Then along came a dog named Hannah from Alaska Assistance Dogs, one of the beneficiaries of the Pick. Click. Give. program.

The Church of the Flaming Funk explores incendiary media

In a conventional Eagle River neighborhood -- at a tired, two-story rental with peeling paint and tapestry-draped windows -- about a dozen friends, all in their 20s, are gathered to make some fun on what might otherwise be a dull Tuesday night. It's the dead of winter, it's getting kind of late, and they're out in the driveway jumping rope.

UAA student helps Tonga gain a library

For Kato Ha'unga, too many books is not enough. The woman's a little obsessed. But then these are books with a purpose. If she can make it happen -- and she's confident she can -- these are books bound for Tonga. A tsunami of books inspired by a tsunami.

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