Hometown U: Bringing robots home

Meet Paro. It's a therapeutic robot baby harp seal that gives comfort to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. And robots like it could be a part of your life sooner than you think.

Hometown U: Finding all things human in hockey

Michael Conti’s versatile scramble of a brain only needs a one-word platform -- hockey -- from which to explore the world. That’s obvious from a walk through his rich, two-room “Stick and Puck” exhibit at the Anchorage Museum, open through April 10. With it, Conti serves up a rink of beer, broken bodies, bloodlust and beauty.

Hometown U: Growing insulation from fungus

There’s something very Alice-in-Wonderland about the research Philippe Amstislavski and his team just completed at UAA. They grew insulation -- the very thing you wrap around pipes and layer under roadways to keep permafrost from melting in summer and heaving in winter.

Hometown U: 'Sniffing out' a changing Arctic

Two UAA research scientists have found a way to “sniff out” environmental clues that can reveal everything from the presence of sea ice to carbon lingering from a fuel spill to chlorophyll levels in an algae bloom.

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