Discussions underway on who can claim Arctic seabed

Delegates from several Arctic nations are presenting their positions in claims to the Arctic seabed at the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Economic control of extensive regions of the Arctic seabed is a question involving potentially billions of dollars as it is thought there is vast mineral and oil and gas reserves to be discovered there.

Protecting people and polar bears from each other

Each year the polar bears of Hudson Bay get into trouble and threaten people in the small communities along the shore, as they roam the shore area waiting for ice to form. Since 2010, the World Wildlife Fund - Canada has been involved in a successful program to try to prevent bear-human encounters and so reduce the need to kill the bears.

Canadian rangers program to be reviewed

A high mortality rate among rangers, mostly Inuit and northern Cree, is raising concerns. Many rangers have fallen victim to a variety of diseases and accidents, and stress has reduced fitness for service.

Defense of Inuit seal hunting goes to EU in Brussels

A new pan-Arctic Inuit organization is taking its case on seal hunting directly to the European Parliament on Thursday. The organization called Inuit Sila is based in Copenhagen and has been defending and promoting Greenland Inuit seal hunters for three years, but has announced it is becoming a pan-Arctic NGO to include all Inuit and the important tradition of seal hunting.

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