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Photos: Inside the Slide Trail in Earthquake Park

The Inside the Slide Trail lies within the maze of social trails at Earthquake Park. It's a half-mile long and just freshened up by Youth Employment in Parks (YEP) with 10 new interpretive signs explaining the impact of the 1964 earthquake on that part of west Anchorage, especially the massive earth slide that stretched for about a mile. With a $50,000 grant from the 2014 legislature, the Anchorage Park Foundation worked with the Anchorage Parks Department to install new interpretive displays and provide new directional signs so visitors to Earthquake Park can figure out where to get started and ensure they end up in the same place. Dwayne Adams, a senior associate landscape architect with Earthscape, did the graphics and text on the signs. "Mostly, people kind of stumble across it. I put up some directional signs that the Parks Department purchased so people know where to go and stay in the gentler terrain on the western side of the park. If you go to the eastern side, it gets pretty gnarly."

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