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VIDEO: Alaska Native rapper's new video "Wake Up" makes AFN debut

Native rapper Samuel Johns, aka Rebel, premiered his latest music video last week at the 2014 Alaska Federation of Native convention in Anchorage.

Johns considers himself a "positive message" rapper, sharing words of inspiration for youth and adults alike. The song "Wake Up," now featured in his latest video, gained him some notoriety earlier this year with its powerful message about waking up to the realities of domestic abuse. It's a plea to women caught in a cycle of abuse to walk away and not "hide behind the makeup."

The video resonated at AFN, where the theme for this year's conference was "Rise As One." Over the course of the three-day event, many talked about the need for Alaska communities to rise up against suicide and domestic violence.

Johns also recently debuted another video for his song "Hydz."

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