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What the cuts in Trump's budget would mean for some agencies

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: December 2, 2017
  • Published March 15, 2017

President Trump's first budget proposes a $54 billion increase in military spending while seeking significant cuts across much of the rest of the federal government, including reductions of more than 20 percent at the departments of Agriculture, Labor and State, and more than 30 percent at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here's a roundup of stories detailing the budget's impact on some federal agencies.

Trump budget seeks tilt to the military, and cuts to EPA and State Department

The plan is certain to be discarded by Republican lawmakers who see many of the president's cuts as too rushed, indiscriminate and reckless.

Trump's budget proposal would take air traffic control out of federal hands

The president's proposal also eliminates funding for the Essential Air Service, which subsidizes flights to rural airports.

Interior Department budget could be slashed by 12 percent under Trump budget

A proposed 12 percent decrease to $11.6 billion would cause pain in the offices that purchase public lands.

Budget reflects Trump's vow to cut EPA 'in almost every form'

Proposal cuts off money for the Clean Power Plan, Energy Star program and infrastructure assistance to Alaska Native villages.

Trump seeks to slash Education Department but make big push for school choice

The proposal signals an effort to reshape K-12 schools and the federal role in education.

Trump's budget plan slices $239 million from IRS, but Treasury overall is spared severe cuts

Years of Internal Revenue Service reductions result in more hassles for taxpayers and fewer audits to catch scofflaws.

Trump budget plan has NASA seeing small cuts focused on climate science

The cut to the Earth-science budget almost exclusively targets missions aimed at understanding climate change, including the ocean monitoring program PACE.

Trump seeks $4.7 billion in cuts to USDA discretionary spending

Staffing, rural development and international food aid are targets for cuts.